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DAHAN TECH is a leading consultant company focusing on organic electronics technology, scientific research and laboratory equipments for  R&D sector in Malaysia

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Registered with MOF & Bumiputera Certified Company

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Consultations-Organic Electronics Technology

OLED, OPV and OTFTs Research & Development

3D printer- Biomedical Equipment

3D Hologram & Robotic

Injection Molding Contract Manufacturing

Scientific Research Equipment

Outsourcing Research Processes

Laboratory Equipment & Glassware

Underwater Coating Technology

We are one stop center for "Organic Printed Electronics Technology"

in Malaysia


Solution Processes of Organic Devices

Organic Electronics Material Printing Technology-Inkjet Printer

3D printer-Sensor & Biomedical

3D Hologram & Robotic Technology

Vacuum Deposition  Material Supplies

Material Testing and Characterizations

Consumables & Research Equipment

Research Chemicals


Pilot line for OLED,OPV and OTFT's

Organic Deposition System

Solution Processes System-IJPrinting, Screen Printing & Blade Coating

Device Physics Charaterizations

Photolithography & Stereolithography Technology (3D Printer)

Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics

Coating Technology


This company was established on 25 October 2005 and the operation officially  begun on Dec 2005. With highly motivated staffs combined with visionary founder, the team is striving for excellences.


"To be the leader in development of Organic Electronics Technology and scientific research in Malaysia by year 2020"


"We are committed to provides the best know-how consultations and research & development in the area of organic semiconductor and nanotechnology environment"