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DAHAN TECH is a leading consultant company focusing on organic electronics technology, scientific research and laboratory equipments for  R&D sector in Malaysia

Registered with MOF & Bumiputera Certified Company

GST: #000872763392

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Organic semiconductor / Hole Transport Materials (HTL) Emitting Materials (EL) Electron Transport Materials (ETL) Nanopowder / Carbon Nanotubes

Semiconductor Photoresist- DOW/ SU-8/AZ resist/ PEDOT:PSS

Conductive Ink- Graphene Ink/ Silver ink/ Ag-AgCl


ITO Coated glass/ ITO Coated Plastic/ AZO/ FTO/PANI/ PEK/

Silicon substrate - SIO, SIC/ GaAs /  Ceramic/ Quartz

Silicon Substrate

Ceramic Substrate

ITO coated Glass Substrate

Quartz Substrate


Beakar/Pipette / Spatula / Cuvette holder / Filter papers / Syringe Filters   / Clean Rooms Attire / Face masks / Gloves / Lint-free papers  / Wash Bottle / Magnetic Stirrer / Stop watch /  Vials  / Beaker / Glass syringes / Flasks / Petri dish / Test tubes  / Burets / Bottles